embrace your potential

We all carry it within us.

our inner potential

It shows and unfolds once we start listening to our inner voice, to our heart.

We do have a choice in how we respond to life – in every moment and at any time.
Do we continue following old behavioural patterns? Do we let fears and conditionings guide us?
Or do we decide to let go? Instead feel what is good for us and what we really need?
We can choose to give our heart a voice – in every moment and at any time.

By letting our thoughts and our mind be guided by our heart. By deciding to no longer be controlled by our mind and fears and to stop making adjustments in the outside world only. By tuning into our inner world. By feeling what we truly need. By giving our heart a voice and letting it become louder. By shifting our focus away from the problem or the weakness and turning it towards our inner potential. By experiencing that transformation takes place from inside-out. When we change the inner world the outside world naturally follows.

In my reconnect bodywork and seminars I guide people to open their heart, connect with their intuition, listen to their body and give their heart a voice. To let go of that which no longer serves them, to transform negative beliefs to positive, to receive what is needed most in that moment and to discover their inner potential. I allow my own intuition and heart to guide me in this process, using different techniques from healing and energy work.

Let go of old patterns, fears and conditionings.


Are you ready to embrace your potential?



individual sessions

reconnect bodywork

an individual healing session
for a balanced body, mind and soul


group seminars

reconnect workshops

a playful experience for a deeper
connection and a greater awareness

Homemade facial masks with natural ingredients,

natural products

embrace nature

natural products for a healthy
and clean body and environment




Mandali Retreat Center, Italy
20th to 25th June 2021



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