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Our latest reconnect Austria retreat in May 2022 – new retreats coming up soon!


reconnect Austria retreat

May 19th to May 22nd 2022

4-day mountain retreat

Saalfelden Leogang, Austrian Alps

Are you looking for a space
to breathe and relax?
A space that allows you
to focus on your inner self,
to get to know yourself better
or get connected in a much deeper way?
Then this retreat may be your perfect fit.

This retreat is designed to harmonise body, mind and soul in a very gentle yet effective way. Different techniques and practices support you to connect with yourself and other participants on a deep emotional level.

We go into silence. We move our bodies. We dive deeper into our hearts. We let go of old patterns, fears and conditionings. We enjoy the lightness of being and allow our inner strength to shine. 

Download our flyer for more information.


retreat program

The program includes a series of reconnect workshops with a unique combination of intuitive dance, yoga, meditation, healing and energy work.

Additional treats include:

Daily morning yoga and evening meditation. Opening ceremony in the newly built Zendome. Outside fire ceremony. Outdoor workshops and nature walks with breathtaking views. Accommodation in rooms made out of fresh pine wood. Full board with delicious organic food. Workshop materials and welcome gifts.

booking process

Please book your retreat in two steps:

1. retreat registration

2. accommodation booking

Download our info sheet

for a detailed booking process.

For more information or questions

[email protected]

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reconnect Italy retreat

6-day women retreat

This retreat takes place in a beautiful retreat center in Norther Italy. It is situated on top of a hill, surrounded by nature and overlooking Lago d’Orta.

The retreat program includes:

reconnect workshops with a unique combination of intuitive dance, yoga, meditation, healing and energy work. Daily morning yoga and evening meditation. Opening ceremony in a Mongolian yurt. Outside fire ceremony and nature walks. Outdoor workshops at sacred power places. Cozy terraces and stunning lake views. Amazing spa facilities including sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, indoor heated swimming pool. Healthy and delicious food 3 times a day. Workshop materials and welcome gifts.


reconnect Bali retreat

14-day women retreat

This retreat takes you on a heart-opening and transformational journey to Bali.

The program includes reconnect workshops combining yoga, meditation, intuitive dance, healing and energy work. Hiking in nature, sliding down waterfalls, watching breathtaking sunrises from the top of a volcano and from a fisher boat on the sea. Diving into the local culture and discovering the beauty of Bali, while allowing our own beauty to shine from inside out.

breathtaking sunrise
sensing spirits
yummy food

retreat 2019 pictures

retreat 2021 pictures

balinese offering
breathtaking views
beautiful hideaways


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