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Natural cosmetics

In 2014 I met an elderly lady whose skin was literally glowing from the inside out. Only when she told me about the pure ingredients of her natural cosmetics I for the first time really became aware how many petrochemicals I was applying on my skin every day with my cosmetics. It was this encounter that led me to change to pure natural cosmetics step by step. My skin was detoxing and went crazy at first. However, after this detox, there was a totally different body sensation. My skin was finally able to breathe. Still nowadays, my skin does have its detox phases for once in a while. It shows me how and where I can support my body in a better way. And I am left with the good feeling that everything can show and nothing is suppressed.

Essential oils

In 2013 I got to experience and appreciate the power of pure therapeutic-grade essential oils. These oils do accompany me both in my work and my private life ever since. When it comes to essential oils, I pay particular attention to ensure that their ingredients are 100% natural and pure. These essential oils do have a fascinating bio intelligence. Both in my healing work and in my private use I can observe how these oils communicate with the body and have an impact where needed.


Sometimes our body needs nutrient support in order to be able to detox or to compensate certain deficiencies. From my own experience I can recommend pure natural (non chemical) nutrients that can support such a process in a gentle and sustainable way. As with the oils, I take special care with nutrients that they are 100% plant based and without chemicals.

I am happy to consult and support people in discovering and using pure natural products in their daily lives.

I work with two companies YOUNG LIVING and RINGANA
whose products I am both using in private life and in my work
and which I am happy to recommend.


Essential Oils & Blends

Natural cosmetics


Natural cleaning


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Fresh organic cosmetics

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